The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal

So this comic by E.K. Weaver is one of my absolute favorites, and I’m following it with the voracity of a thousand supernovas.   It updates Tuesdays with about two pages per week, and the art is fantastic.  Seriously.   The artist starts with thumbnail sketches and progresses to three layers of drawings with different colors, all ending up in Photoshop.

The story itself centers on two guys, one Indian and the other white, who end up stuck together on a road trip from the East to West coasts, brought about by a blurry night’s drunken pact.   And yes, it’s ‘yaoi’ – at least, the two male main characters get ‘involved’ along the way.  But it’s actually an amazing story, and the characterization as well as the dialogue is funny and cute – just read one of their conversations in French accents.

This is one of the few M/M relationships which I’ve experienced that is simultaneously hot and humorous, and yet still truly transcends the label of just another yaoi ship.


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An amalgamation of anything that catches my eye - television, comics, and other pseudo-hipster stuff. This is an LGBT-oriented blog, and it contains content that is, while not explicit, related to the LGBT community.
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