Missing Moriarty?

Being the avid fan of BBC’s Sherlock that I am, it seems a tad bit silly to even be writing about one of its stars, the masterful Andrew Scott.  For those in the dark, Sherlock is a popular TV series based on a modern day version of the iconic British detective, who, quite famously, was brought to life from the mind and stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  In the show, Mr. Scott plays the sinister and often unhinged villain, one Jim Moriarty.

The handsome Irish devil with the puppy-dog face found his start in theatre, receiving the Lawrence Olivier Award in 2005 and an IFTA (Irish Film and Television Award) for his work in the film Dead Bodies.  Other major roles include starring in the award-winning HBO series Band of Brothers and even earning another Olivier in 2010 for the Royal Court Theatre’s creatively titled play ‘Cock.’

But though Scott, a born and bred native of Dublin, may have a hard time reprising his role as Moriarty, we should be seeing him on various stages throughout the year.  What’s next for the actor comes in the form of The Fuse, a four part BBC series in which, ironically, he plays a (dark) detective.  He’s also working on an adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s The Scapegoat, sure to be a success.  But what’s after all that might be a bit different for the actor.  “I’m desperate to do something funny next,” he recently told The Independent’s Alice Jones.   The thought is both hilarious and a tiny bit terrifying, as even Scott’s gloom has a definite comical side.  What could he wrangle with a role as pure comic-relief?

All in all, the leading man should have plenty of work to do, and luckily for us, we’ll have plenty of time to follow his every moment with neurotic delight.  While critics have lambasted fans who’ve speculated as to his orientation (“Why should a portrayal of a gay man mean an actor is gay?”) Mr. Scott is indeed living with his partner of ten years in London.  So, yeah.  He’s pretty awesome.  But who knows what demons lurk underneath that adorable face?  In the end, as Moriarty tells Holmes: “Every fairy tale needs a good old fashioned villain.”


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